Heritage Elementary Drop-Off Policy Change

The following information pertains to a change in our morning drop-off policies and procedures to improve campus safety.  Please note, the first two days of school we will utilize a classroom door drop-off; parents may walk their children directly to their class these mornings. Parents are expected to depart from campus no later than 8:00 Tuesday and Wednesday.  As of Thursday, August 15 we will implement a closed campus before school.


Dear Heritage Families,

Heritage Elementary is known as an open and friendly campus where parents are always welcome. We truly value you and want you to continue to feel welcomed when you come to participate in school activities or volunteer in your child’s classroom.                      

However, due to recent tragedies in schools around the nation and increased worries within our community regarding school safety, we have reviewed some of our safety procedures and with teacher, parent, and PTA input, decided to make some changes.  Heritage will be implementing a Closed Campus procedure so that we can more easily identify adults on our campus and their reasons for being here. Having a closed campus increases the safety and security of your child by minimizing the amount of people on campus.                   

Our campus will be closed before school. (It is already closed after school and during school hours). Students will continue to enter campus through one of the 3 gates; the front entry gate by the office, the MPR gate at the parent drop off line, and the back gate near the sports park and our field.  

  • To keep all children safe, only students are allowed beyond the gates before school, during school or after school. This means no one is allowed to stand in line or wait in front of the classrooms prior to school or to be on the playground area before, during, or after school.

  • Volunteers who are helping that day will sign in at the office and report to their volunteer duty.

  • Anyone on campus during this time who has not properly checked in through the office will be asked to report back to the office to check in. A volunteer badge must be visible.

  • Helpers will be available to walk our younger children to their lines in the morning, particularly at the beginning of the school year.

The reason for this change is to ascertain that the people who are on campus are authorized to be here, and to reduce the possibility that a stranger could slip onto the school grounds without notice. Some of you are probably wondering if something happened to initiate this change and the answer is no, we are strictly being proactive in keeping our students safe. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this important modification of our school security plan and I realize that it is a big change. We will continue to have conversations about keeping our children safe, and your ideas and suggestions are always appreciated.       

We encourage parents to volunteer in an official capacity before and after school.  We currently have a small, but mighty, team of parents who help direct traffic and support our dismissal process.  If you are available from 7:45-8:00 or 2:28-2:45, we would love your support.  Volunteers are encouraged in the following roles:

  • Parent Ambassadors: Walk our younger children to their lines in the morning

  • Drop-off and Pick-up line: Open car doors and help children load and unload

  • Crosswalk support: Direct traffic in the parking lot

The more parents who are able to help in our parking lot, the more efficiently we can get our day started.

Thank you for your support as we implement this important change.  We must always make decisions that prioritize student safety. 

Kind regards,

Beth Rabel Blackman, Principal