Heritage Weekly News - August 25, 2019

Dear Aviator families,

Thank you to all our families who attended Thursday’s Dinner Night Out! A special thank you to Chick-Fil-A and all our restaurant partners. A portion of the proceeds from food sales during Dinner Night Outs support the enrichment programming at Heritage brought to us by the PTA.


SOARing Scholars: One of our goals this year is to encourage student responsibility. Developing independence and responsibility is a developmental milestone for all children. I suggest you have your child pack their backpack, put away their book bag, and set out their school clothes the night before school. In the hustle and bustle of the morning, children may forget certain items at home. We cannot interrupt instructional time to deliver these items, with the exception of glasses and medication. Late lunches left at the designated lunch spot will be delivered to the lunch area. Please know that reinforcing that children are capable of being responsible for their items promotes their own personal growth.

Birthday invitations: We have received a number of questions regarding distribution of birthday invitations at school. Students will not be able to pass out invitations to students. As you can imagine, this can cause very hurt feelings for the students who do not get invited or cannot attend the birthday event, and serve as a distraction to learning. Additionally, teachers cannot pass out invitations or facilitate this process. Thank you for your sensitivity to this matter.

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. RB