Heritage Weekly News - October 20, 2019

Dear Aviator Families,

Red Ribbon Week is next week! This week is celebrated in schools across the nation to support children to make healthy choices, particularly to say no to drugs.


Each day of Red Ribbon Week we have a special theme. Students are encouraged to show their Red Ribbon week spirit each day. As a uniform school, we encourage students to wear their school uniforms with their spirit wear on Monday and Tuesday, though Wednesday-Friday are special spirit days, and therefore are free dress.

Here are the themes for each day:
Monday: Wear Red -In class write/draw a message
Tuesday: Crazy Socks -Send a message of your unique style
Wednesday: Sports Wear- Send a message of your dedication to fitness and health (free dress day)
Thursday: Twin Day - Send a message of friendship (free dress day)
Friday: Crazy Hair/Hat Day- Send a message of fun and creativity (free dress day)

Heritage is in Second Place

If you haven’t registered, please do so as soon as possible.
Last year, we came in FIRST for number of entries of elementary schools. The first place winner receives an $1000 prize-- let’s work to be the winner again this year!

Parking Reminders
Please do not park in the narrow area between our exit and the neighboring driveway. It is illegal to park in this area, per the city. Additionally, parking in this zone interferes with emergency vehicles accessing/departing campus, blocks traffic, minimizes visibility for pedestrian traffic, and disrupts the parking flow.

*The city has painted this curb red to note that it is a no parking area and a tow-away zone.

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. RB